Logistics Powered Carts

Increase Productivity

Mobilize all types of printers or PC’s and leverage your wireless infrastructure. Creating greater productivity gains has never been easier or more effective than adding carts to your technology environment. No learning curve for employees and existing hardware can be deployed.

Our mobile powered carts will help you:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Save 0.3c/step or $30 per employee per day.
  • An integral part of any lean strategy.
  • Leverage existing wireless infrastructure.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.

What our customers say:
“Our employees love them”
“We achieved a significant productivity increase from 70 packages per hour to 500 per hour. Our most productive DC in North America”

Two-thirds of the solution is likely already in place in most facilities:

  • Wireless backbone.
  • Wireless printers/computers.
  • Missing piece: a power equipped cart to enable mobility of fixed devices.

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  • Leading the industry in design and innovation

    Our most popular PowerCarts for Logistics

    Our broadest range of products, we recognize that one cart will not meet all applications and a typical logistics or industrial operation can have many different requirements. With multiple configurations, our DC, Flex and PowerBox line-up are designed to meet virtually any application in very tough environments. Why use extension cords or install new power outlets? Take the power with you!