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Achieve greater operational efficiencies and increase revenues with the original PowerCart.

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Fully configurable mobile powered carts.

Increase productivity and achieve greater operational efficiencies through our mobile powered carts.

We are the ORIGINAL industry founder with a legendary reputation for RELIABILITY and on-time delivery, with over 40,000 units sold. Configure a powered cart solution that will surpass productivity benchmarks of any industry or application, allowing tasks to be performed at the actual point of work (the point of greatest productivity).

We continue to lead the industry in design and innovation, continually working with our clients to maximize their ROI. One cart does not fit all requirements. We offer all our solutions with multiple configurations and power options. All with a bumper-to-bumper one-year warranty –
the best in the industry.

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Power Cart has a mobile cart for any industry or use.

With over 20 Years of experience mobilizing the most challenging applications in any environment, PowerCart has various cart configurations to meet any application or industry. With a feature rich option-set for each cart, we lead the industry in experience with an unmatched global support team to reduce downtime and improve your ROI.

Cart Solutions for every challenge.

Built to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

Cart Solutions

The industries our carts are built for.

PowerCart's are flexible and can be used for many different applications in many different industries.


The PowerCart Product lineup.

With multiple options in each cart range, we have the optimal solution for your environment or use.

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Bumper-to-bumper one year warranty.

PowerCart systems with global support offered from experienced technicians.

"The PowerCarts are a no brainer, they give our store managers the flexibilty to drive more sales in peak periods."
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Our entry-level workhorse has proven to be very popular for mobilizing laptops, PCs and thermal printers. With scalability to meet the runtime requirements of a very productive work environment, the PowerCart Flex500 exceeds the expectations of our customers. With a compact base frame and many options to choose from, the Flex500 will create greater productivity and optimize the use of your wireless infrastructure.

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Leading the industry in design and innovation

Mobile powered carts built to last

  • Cutting edge design technology, multiple configurations and power options.
  • The most reliable and robust mobile powered cart solutions.
  • Solutions with multiple configurations and power options.
  • Bumper-to-bumper one year warranty – the best in the industry.