A powered cart for retail in the middle of a grocery store being used for inventory tracking and printing.

PowerCarts for the Retail Industry

From the front-end of a store location to the back of the distribution centre, we have been supporting the mobilization of retail hardware for 20 years.

Whether to mobilize a full set of POS hardware for line-busting and increasing revenues or mobilizing a full back-office set of hardware, including laser printers, to improve productivity at the store level, our mobile powered carts have you covered.

With scalability in mind, reducing errors and increasing productivity, rolling thermal label printers to the point of application in a distribution center, has never been more effective. No need for extension cords representing a safety hazard to employees and customers.

Below you’ll find our most popular PowerCart’s built specifically for the Retail industry to get you started in finding the perfect cart solution for your mobile hardware needs.

Leading the industry in design and innovation

Our most popular PowerCarts for Retail

Versatile, rugged, and reliable, mobilizing all your office technology is effortless with the right PowerCart. Designed to meet the rigors of a retail environment with enough power to support hardware for a full day's workload, the DC, Flex, and PowerBox line-up will increase your productivity while eliminating the cost of installing power outlets.