Mobile Dimensioning

Increase Outbound Volumes! Move your laser dimensioning to the point of use and reduce costly footsteps.

Move your laser dimensioning equipment (Cubiscan/FreightSnap etc.) to the point of use to reduce footsteps and increase your output. Wirelessly mobilizing your dimensioning equipment in a busy logistics packaging environment has proven to speed up the process. Why take the freight to the dimensioner when you can move the equipment to the freight?

Our mobile powered carts will help you:

  • Increase shipping volumes.
  • Save 0.3c/step or $30 per employee per day.
  • An integral part of any lean strategy.
  • Leverage existing wireless infrastructure.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.

What our customers say:

“Our employees love them”
“We achieved a significant productivity increase from 70 packages per hour to 500 per hour. Our most productive DC in North America”

Two-thirds of the solution is likely already in place in most facilities:

  • Wireless backbone.
  • Wireless computers/ dimensioners.
  • Missing piece: a power equipped cart to enable mobility of fixed devices.

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    Our most popular PowerCarts for Mobile Dimensioning

    With so many options, the VersaLane can accommodate scanner/scales, full POS systems and other transaction technology with ease. Need more surface space for your customers, the VersaLane can expand out to over 48”. Have a cart in your store that needs power? The self-contained PowerBox solution will reduce the need to run power cabling/outlets to your POS technology.