Audio Video Carts

Increase Location Flexibility.

Increase your capability, whether for an event, a classroom or a photo shoot, by mobilizing projectors, photography equipment, PA systems or other sound engineering gear. Without being tethered to a wall outlet, visual aids and audio equipment can be mobilized to where they’re needed, creating maximum flexibility and increased creativity. Even the largest of projectors can be supported by a PowerCart.

Our mobile powered carts will help you:

  • Increase client satisfaction.
  • Save costs in equipment deployment.
  • An integral part of any lean strategy
  • Leverage existing wireless infrastructure.
  • Increase safety by eliminating extension cords.

What our customers say:
“Our staff loves them!”
“We ran a full visual event for 10 hours without the need for an extension cord!”

Two-thirds of the solution is likely already in place in most facilities:

  • Wireless backbone.
  • Wireless AV/projectors/computers.
  • Missing piece: a power equipped cart to enable mobility of fixed devices.

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    Our most popular PowerCarts for Audio Video Carts

    With so many options, the VersaLane can accommodate scanner/scales, full POS systems and other transaction technology with ease. Need more surface space for your customers, the VersaLane can expand out to over 48”. Have a cart in your store that needs power? The self-contained PowerBox solution will reduce the need to run power cabling/outlets to your POS technology.