Mobile Packing Station

Mobile Packing Station by PowerCart

Improve Efficiencies

Online purchase fulfillment has become a very popular application for our carts. Mount label printers, PCs, Tape and Airpac machines, scales or any other hardware required. Mobilize your pack stations to achieve greater efficiencies, scaling up for peak periods, maximizing use of space. With an onboard rechargeable power solution to last a full shift or more, mobilizing a full set of packaging equipment has never been easier or more effective.

Our mobile powered carts will help you:

  • Improve throughput.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.

Two-thirds of the solution is likely already in place in most facilities:

  • Wireless backbone.
  • Wireless printers/computers.
  • Missing piece: a power equipped cart to enable mobility of fixed devices.

Leading the industry in design and innovation

Our most popular PowerCarts for Mobile Packing Station