About PowerCart Systems

We are leaders in innovation and powered mobile carts.

Since 1997, PowerCart Systems has led the industry in providing innovative, battery equipped, rechargeable mobile cart solutions.

Working with our customers to identify the best possible configuration of both power system and cart configuration, we continue to provide the most reliable, cost effective and user-friendly technology available.

Where a customer may traditionally consider a home-grown, cobbled together cart solution, that can be very costly and ultimately won’t work, we excel at creating effective mobile solutions that will reduce labor costs, increase productivity, while increasing customer satisfaction. This results in an overall technology experience that can’t be beat.

Power Cart has a mobile cart for any industry or use.

With over 20 Years of experience mobilizing the most challenging applications in any environment, PowerCart has various cart configurations to meet any application or industry. With a feature rich option-set for each cart, we lead the industry in experience with an unmatched global support team to reduce downtime and improve your ROI.

Cart Solutions for every challenge.

Built to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

Cart Solutions

The industries our carts are built for.

PowerCart's are flexible and can be used for many different applications in many different industries.


The PowerCart Product lineup.

With multiple options in each cart range, we have the optimal solution for your environment or use.

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Bumper-to-bumper one year warranty.

PowerCart systems with global support offered from experienced technicians.